Mission: Deep Space EP

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Mission: Deep Space EP

Mission: Deep Space EP

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Mission: Deep Space EP – EP

Track List

1 – Voyager One (Jupiter – Saturn)
2 – Encounter with Saturn
3 – Voyager Two (Saturn – Neptune)
4 – Encounter with Neptune
5 – Last look of Earth

EP Information

Title: «Mission: Deep Space EP»
Cover: Dolomita’s Records
Type: EP
Main Artist: Gonzalo Cruzado
Release Date: August 8, 2022
Recording: Recorded in Cuenca between 2021 and 2022
Studio: Dolomita’s Records Studios
Genre: Progressive House & Melody House
Number of Tracks: 5
Duration: 33:08 min.
Record Label: Dolomita’s Records
Format: Digital (release on all digital platforms)
Producer: G.A. Belchi Cruzado

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